ZanZen studio is a healing flex space for your soul. ZanZen supports local small business by offering combined services and products. Yoga, personal training, nutritional guidance, custom abstract art, golf & rotary sports training, massage & bodywork, facials, lashes, monthly special events & workshops, continuing education. We offer training services In-studio, in-home, in-office (corporate wellness) and virtual sessions. ZanZen is designed to be by your side while you find your best self!

Cheers to Your Health!

Just You & Me

1:1 session with you & your instructor. What do you need today? Packages available.  

Chin Up Buttercup

60 min flow. heart & hip openers, detox twists, savasana meditation. Leave stress free, posture tall, & head held high!

I’m Not Flexible

45 min beginners flow. Blocks & straps provided.

Box & Yoga

60 min of movement! 15 min yoga warm up + 30 min boxing + 15 min yoga cool down. Let’s go!!


Golf centric flow to help with increasing your swing speed. 


60 min flow in the low 80’s. Hot yoga? No thanks, that sounds…ugh, hot. But TOASTY yoga? That sounds inviting and snuggly. It’s like a warm hug for your muscles and soul. Yes please!


60 min flow combining stretches & trigger point release techniques. Foam rollers & trigger point balls provided.

You’ve Got This

45 min. Strong power flow vinyasa. Heaters optional

ZanZen 33toLIFE

A nutritional guidance program, you will learn how to properly fuel
your body for optimal wellness! Increase energy, decrease body fat, increase mobility, decrease inflammation, increase confidence, decrease stress, increase quality of life!!

ZanZen Art

Abstract art will be on display at the studio both for sale and as examples. Custom abstract art means you’re included in the creative process! What do you need? Canvas size, colors to match your space, & provide me with screenshots for examples so we can customize your masterpiece together!

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