Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the ZanZen blog! My name is Kathleen, and I will be taking over! I recently joined the team at Functional Fit as a personal trainer and barre instructor, and have expanded into the ZanZen Studio, teaching a mindful movement class, and of course, managing the blog and website!

After working in chiropractic rehab for a year, I found that I wanted to be a part of preventing pain and injury rather than treating pain.  As a personal trainer in college, I loved seeing the positive effects of challenging a client’s abilities both physically and mentally. And after seeing so many injuries working in rehab, I had found a new drive and purpose for going back into personal training; I hope to educate on the importance of consistent exercise, and how doing so can prevent pain down the road, as well as aid in maintaining mental health. 

As I began moving back into the health and fitness field, I started taking yoga classes at ZanZen, where I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere; No judgement, an incredible amount of support, and friendly, open-minded owners and staff. As I was looking for an opportunity to train clients again, I heard Functional Fit was hiring, and my search ended. Just being in the gym and studio made me happier and calmer, and working in that space would be a dream. 

I realized quickly that the reason I wanted to work with Zan, the owner of ZanZen, was the same reason people wanted to come back after their first class or training session. Exercise and self improvement should be approachable, enjoyable, and nonjudgmental. ZanZen Studio is the epitome of these, and Zan has worked to maintain such accepting standards in the studio. Each class is personal, every body and every goal is welcome, and we will work along side you to learn what you need to find and become your best self! Flexible or tight, beginner or advanced, there is a mat and smiles waiting for you at ZanZen!

Have a wonderful week, and don’t forget to breathe!

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