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Welcome back to the Zan Zen blog! This week we will be answering the question, “what is trigger point work and why does it matter?” The Zan Zen Studio offers a class specifically designed for this type of work, called “Triggered”. Trigger points are specific areas of the body that are considered “hyperirritable” or sensitive…

Eating for Your Brain

Welcome back to the ZanZen blog! This week I wanted to expand on how taking care of our physical health positively affects our mental health. Exercise is one way to combat mental health disorders, as well as paying attention to our nutrition. When we combine consistent exercise with thoughtful, healthy eating, we can form a…

Exercise is Medicine

Happy Monday, and welcome back to the ZanZen blog! This week I wanted to take some time to talk about mental health, and the role exercise and movement can play.  I want to start with my own experiences, as I only found out about the positive effects of deliberate exercise through my own journey in…

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